Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 126: Ziggy After Dark with Dave Holmes

Dave Holmes

Dave Holmes joins Jesse and Jordan to talk about Hydrox cookies, the St. Louis Gateway Arch, pornographic Ziggy cartoons and more.


James Brown's Funk Blast!

Great show, guys... as a Seattlite, I've been on the James brown funk blast ride more than a few times. It was a star tours-esque motion-ride starring Rufio from "Hook"(you don't get to hear him "crow"). The ride has since been replaced by Paul Allen's collection of sci fi books he calls a Sci fi museum

Dancers have nice buns

Guys, a bun is how a ballerina wears her hair. See this:

Great episode

This episode was quality. It could become Jordan, Jesse, Holmes! and I would be happy.

45:40 minutes in. No mention

45:40 minutes in. No mention of Jesse Camp.

Is the podcast with the Penny

Is the podcast with the Penny Arcade guys going up soon?


We're not planning on posting it.


Not planning on posting it because you botched the interview, utterly ignoring your guests. I've heard it. Can't remember where. You guys are seriously uninteresting.


Why not?

But I really want to hear it.

But I really want to hear it.

So do I

So do I