Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 159: Jetski Injury with Nick Adams

Nick Adams

Nick Adams, author of Making Friends with Black People, join Jesse and Jordan to talk about Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call and the announcement of a new JJGo segment.


Yes, the embedded thingummy

Yes, the embedded thingummy is broken, but you can download the mp3 and it's fine.

This doesn't sound like it

This doesn't sound like it was properly mixed. It's very hard to listen to.

Haters gon hate

Hahaha love you guys and the show just gotta throw my two cents in for Port of Call. It WAS like a crazy fever dream that's why me and my friends all like it. It's like you're on all the drugs with him! I mean c'mon, he's got a lucky crack-pipe, you can't think too hard about it.