Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 195: Half Saw with Neil Campbell and Paul Rust

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Neil Campbell
Paul Rust

Neil and Paul join Jesse and Jordan to talk about Wyoming, the new Pee-Wee movie and more.


Not this episode. But tangentially related!

Firstly, both guests did a fine job what with the banter. No complaints... aside from a disturbing lack of condemnation for John Powers, a critic whose voice is anathema to all that is good. You are correct for loving Dave Davies, though - easily my favorite of the many Daves and Davids on that program.

Secondly. You made passing mention of a debacle involving a webcomic that'll turn up when one googles your podcast. I googled, I dug up a link and downloaded that lost episode. I paused it at the 20-minute break to write this to you. I think you guys were being your usual selves, amiable and aimless (qualities I love; please don't assign negative connotations to that latter descriptor - your ability to cheerfully ramble is great), and I think had the Penny Arcade fellows had a modicum of patience and courtesy, it would've been a fine episode. However, they were total dicks.

Not even that - they were condoms made from unwashed chitterlings.

Anyway. In the first 20 minutes they've mentioned at least twice the existence of a supposed relativistic time pocket where you're recording, wherein 15 minutes feels like hours. They griped about Jordan's lateness, they said they doubted the course their life had taken as a result of having agreed to record with you. Several other things, most mean-spirited and bitter without being particularly clever.

One of them actually said in response to Jordan musing about the "Dancers Have Nice Buns" bumper sticker: "What's funny is you were late for this. That's what's hilarious. I thought, 'Well, he'll be here soon, it'll be worth the wait.'"

I'll be taking a break to decide if it's worth listening to the rest, but my gut says nope. While on this hiatus, I read the blog entry Penny Arcade wrote about doing the podcast. Tycho wrote: "They managed to bring out a side of Gabriel that I’ve only seen three or four times in twelve years, and only once directed at me: the implacable judge who becomes (without warning) the unadorned aggressor." That is inaccurate. He went from a petulant child to a more petulant child. I realize I've tossed some prolix, esoteric vocab up in this bitch, but I think that just makes it all the more damning when I say that dude was using some florid language to describe what was essentially a temper tantrum.

To sum it up: You guys are great. Those guys were not. Bowties are cool.