Jordan, Jesse, GO! Episode 198: The Nightmare Pillow with Kulap Vilaysack


Childrens Hospital star and Co-Host of Who Charted?, Kulap Vilaysack joins Jordan & Jesse to talk about barber shop super groups, superficial world travelers and awesomely strange gifts.

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She's pretty. What is a Mong?

Kulap is delightful!

Please have her back again. Often. I always enjoy the show, but this one was extra fun to listen to. Kulap is a joy.

Anne Beatts

(As everyone on the forum has presumably supplied)...the woman writer for SNL who went on to create SQUARE PEGS. I'm still trying to remember the Fisher episode of 30 ROCK, but I can guess how it went.

Mental Illness Happy Hour

After listening to this awesome episode of JJGo!, I went over to Mental Illness Happy Hour and listened to both Kulap's interview and Jesse's inteview. It was amazing to see how the war in Vietnam has affected so many generations and how such amazingly strong people have overcome the pain.

the nightmare pillow>

where is the pillow picture?

Behold, the nightmare pillow...

on the forums. I tried to post the link here, but the spam filter denied me. Stupid spam filter. QUIT CRUSHING MY DREAMS!