Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 201: Bird Murder with Oscar Nunez

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Oscar Nunez from The Office joins Jordan and Jesse to discuss Belfast Baddasses, how to achieve Alan Alda type celebrity status at the dry-cleaners and of course the plight of the pet pigeon. If you live in an Abyss-like space station at the bottom of the sea and DON'T know when The Office airs, you can catch it on Thursdays 9/8c


Northern Ireland Humor

My wife and I studied in Norhtern Ireland during college. Some time in (London)Derry, Belfast and some other surrounding areas. After five months living in the area, my parents came to visit. I was talking about a news story I heard about a tourist from the US who looked the wrong way while crossing the street, got hit by a bus and died. My wife and I were laughing so hard until I noticed my parents' faces--pure terror.

Northern Ireland Humor is GRIM! Straight up. What Jesse described was totally true.

The woman I stayed with in Belfast was Catholic and her partner was Protestant. We would all go drinking at the pub and he would toast every round "FUCKTHA'POPE!" to which they both would laugh uproarously.

But, just like you said: "when shit gets real, the only solution is to laugh."

One time, I accidentally wore an Orange scarf (protestant colors) in a Catholic neighborhood in (London)Derry. I immediatley realized what I was doing and ripped off the scarf just before a bunch of really big footballers turned the corner. They saw me stuff my scarf into my coat pocket and they stopped me. They asked me what I was doing in the neighborhood. In my thickest American accent, I said "Oh I am studying! Just doing a bit of sight seeing." They all stared at me for what felt like three minutes. Then started busting out laughing and slapping me on the back. When I got home, I was covered in bruises. I almost pissed my pants.