Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 210: Going Ape with Eliza Skinner

Eliza Skinner

Eliza Skinner joins Jesse and Jordan to change your life forever. Jesse takes on people who take on hypocrisy, and introduces a new theme for 2012: MORE POWERFUL THAN EVER: GOING APE.

Action item for February: share your art on this theme, in any form, on our forum and Facebook page.


Go ape

Fittingly, the first thing I see on the web after listening to this podcast is a group of kids do a joyous bathroom performance of the best ape song ever... "I wanna be like you" from The Jungle Book.

See... he's the king of the swingers, the jungle V.I.P., but he's reached the top, and had to stop, and that's what's bothering him.

It's right in tune with your deeper point - if you're living up to your aspirations, then your aspirations are too modest.

There's always a higher banana! Go get it!

- jjsaul

(Oh nice... the captcha is "envy")


The anti-hypocrisy argument in this episode was lacking. I agree that life shouldn't be an endless string of "gotchas", but there are times when pointing out hypocrisy is both correct and important. When you're dealing with issues of trust and fairness and making arguments which rely on these tenets, it totally blows up your efforts if your actions don't at least try to match your words.

To take the example from the podcast: it doesn't matter that someone is a serial philanderer and currently on wife #3, except that he's has campaigned and continues to campaign on a foundation of "moral values". When you lead the charge to impeach someone based on their extramarital affair it doesn't really help your case when you are, at the same time, having an affair of your own.

There are plenty of more generic examples which work for this: the prohibitionist who gets sauced every night, the traffic cop who runs red lights for fun, etc. When you are trying to make and apply rules to everyone (which is the point of politics) then it isn't right to turn around and piss all over those same rules you want to force on everyone else.

Hypocrisy is not that bad?

First of all hypocrisy is not saying you will close guantanamo and then finding it too dificult to do so. It would not be correct to say that someone who changes their mind is a hypocrite either. Both of these were offered up as examples of instances a critic could calll hypocrisy. But that is not hypocrisy. Hypocrisy is pretending to be something you know you are not:

Word Origin & History


from Gk. hypokrites "stage actor, pretender, dissembler," from hypokrinesthai (see hypocrisy).

and this word perfectly describes Newt Gingrich as he pretends to be very religious and observant of Christian values, plans to enact laws in accordance with said values to be enforced against us, and yet he has been a womanizer and cheater (serviced in his car on a break from the Clinton impeachment hearing) and never held himself to a religious standard of fidelity or family values at all. And yet he would demonize others who depart from those values. The point is that that is simply a fancy kind of lying and is highly contemptible and tends to make people dislike him and reject him as untrustworthy. Which is the goal of his opponents when they point out the glaring hypocrisy. There is nothing childish or lazy about pointing out hypocrisy like Newt's. If we don't, then more people will be tricked into thinking he actually lives by his supposed values, and we will have done those people a grave disservice. The less people tricked into voting for a president who has so little respect for the people the better.

Who's been badmouthing JJGO?

I apologize to ask about something that you maybe didn't want to go into in greater detail (because you didn't go into it in greater detail) but what guest went on a popular podcast and talked shit about JJGO? You want me to smash them?


I know he didn't want to say who this was, but it's annoying to listen to something like this and not be able to place the antecedent. Can someone else please let us know who Jesse is talk about that went on Greg Fitzsimmons's podcast. Just because I didn't happen to catch that podcast, I'd like to know what the heck Jesse is talking about.