Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 249: Beer Suit with Colton Dunn

Colton Dunn

Colton Dunn joins Jordan and Jesse to recap Jesse's superstorm survival story, discuss shitty movies that Jesse has seen in theaters, and briefly touch on the sitcom Roc, Ivy Style fashion, and horror movie The Stuff.


re: the matrix + star wars

Episode 1 came out 3 weeks after the first matrix. Remember how there was at least a couple months where no one was tearing into it? I would guess that there was such a nerdy concentrated need for something to be cool sci fi that all that nerd goodwill was siphoned into the matrix.

On the Matrix

The Matrix was unique, in that it enabled a certain breed of nerd to have a stab at broader cultural relevancy. By this, I mean the professional university philosophy professor. The Matrix spawned a cottage industry of philosophy book tie-ins, as if to say "Hey, you know that movie you all really like? It's talking about the same stuff I talk about all the time! Sure, I may not be a leather-clad martial arts master with a veritable arsenal, but I'm really just like Neo! Want to have an interesting conversation?" Of course, the only other people who were interested in this were other philosophy professors and their students, i.e., the same people who were talking to them in the first place.

I studied philosophy in college right around the apex of Matrix mania. The Matrix: Reloaded premiered the night before our History of Modern Philosophy class, and our professor took us to see it as a class. We received extra bonus credit for each instance in which we could reference the Matrix. The thing I remember most about it, though, was at the point where Neo and Trinity are having the most awkward sex ever, and my philosophy professor leaned over to me and goes "Y'know, I speak from experience, when I say that that is really uncomfortable." It was, in short, a colossal disappointment. Nonetheless, I referenced the shit out of the Matrix on that exam, and managed to do pretty well for myself, so thanks for that, Watchowskis!