Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 264: Murderous Pigs with Dan Telfer

Dan Telfer

Comedian Dan Telfer joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of farm animals, German perverts, Jordan's trip to see Endeavor, the unveiling of and Jesse's new headwear.

Action item: what kind of animals would you like to see on a farm? Call us! 206-984-4FUN. Email us at

And is live!


Fox hat

I'm going to need a link to this fox hat.

FOX HAT!!!!!!!!

Totally agree! Please show us the hat, whatever iteration you choose, Jessie. Maybe this could really boost sales for the mysterious English woman artist that makes amazing felt animal hats! Come on, boost small business!

Flaming Lips

Wayne Coyne does not live on a farm. He lives in Oklahoma City. This is well known among Oklahoma people, because he is one of the few famous people from here who hasn't made the rest of us look like homophobic rednecks. I saw him once at a Kinkos on NW 23rd street printing off posters for their final show.

Sorry to be that person, but Oklahoma City has an Asian district, a gay district, a NBA team that made it to the finals last year, and the money of several energy companies. Don't assume someone lives on a farm just because they're from OK.