Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 274: Big Band with Dana Snyder

Dana Snyder

Actor Dana Snyder joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of Jewish wizards, Wad Lord, and Jesse breaks down The Spinners' song, "Rubberband Man." Plus Jesse has a few big momentous occasions to announce.


Rubbering that band, man

Hi JJ-gosters,

Long time first time, etc.

I, also, am a big fan of good ol' soul. "Me and Mrs Jones" gives me goosebumps EVERY TIME, and I've heard that tune scores of times.

So, it was great hearing y'all yammer on about The Spinners and RUBBERBAND MAN, a song I first heard on a K-Tel record in the 70's. Maybe do a show about K-Tel records sometime, or those "Mr Jaws" style records? Fun stuff.

BUT! You neglected the mind-blowing Rubberband Man video. You have to have to have to check it out. Even though you know the song, WATCH THE VIDEO. Skip ahead to around 2:50 if you're bored (though I don't know how you could be). It's a gem.

Thanks for all the shows,

JJGo Magazine-Store

In Western NY ( near Buffalo) there was a store called Brand Names that matches your general description. I don't know if you had to place an order & p/u at the store or just go to the store w/ a magazine & "shop" at the store's counter.
So, hooray for your memory! It's a real thing!