Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 282: Celebrity Gossip with Jen Kirkman

Jen Kirkman

Jen Kirman joins Jordan and Jesse for an extra long episode! They discuss celebrity sexuality, Jordan's nightmare cab ride, riders for thoughtful fans, and celebrities with pigs for pets.


Drunk History

Jen on Drunk History is absolutely amazing!

Adam Carolla Comments

I just want to say that I am a big Adam Carolla fan. I started listening to Jordan Jesse Go after their first visit to The Adam Carolla Podcast. I actually had a long trip to a conference and caught up on all the JJGo episodes throughout that weekend. JJGo is one of my MUST HEARS, along with Judge John Hodgeman, and I although I have given a try to alot of visitor's podcasts on the AC show, only JJGo has really stuck, well maybe Larry Miller and Doug Benson. But that is it...truly. Maybe Comedy Bang Bang...actually I have no idea where I picked up on that.

Anyway. There you go.


London show

Hey I could've sworn you guys plugged a London live show as well as an Edinburgh show, but I can't find any date for that. Did i misunderstand you or are you coming to London in August?

Phineas T. Flubberbusters

From the corrections department: Phineas T. Flubberbusters is actually in New York, just a few miles shy of the Vermont border. It's on the route I take on the way up to visit my parents' place just outside of Middlebury, and it's my favorite landmark along the way. It should be noted that there is an in-restaurant OTB.