Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 292: Deez Nuts with Dan McCoy

Dan McCoy

Daily Show writer and podcaster Dan McCoy joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of spiderman, Jordan's recent internet fame, and the boat party.


Love, love, love.

Thanks to Jordan guest bailing, I was curious enough to check out this podcast a month ago and now I am absolutely hooked. For someone who has given up on most podcasts he's listened to (except Maron, of course), this is kind of a big deal. I have huge crushes on both Jesse and Jordan, they have extremely sexy voices and the fact that Jordan's not actually gay makes my heart melt a little bit every episode. As for Jesse, his awareness of Latino culture warms my Mexican heart.

I love you guys.

Two birds with one stone

Jordan, you mentioned wanting to bring Deez Nuts back, and I remember that you have had some chaffing issues. I recommend you get rid of the anti-monkey butt powder and try DZ-Nuts, a cream developed for pro-cyclist Dave Zabriskie to eliminate chaffing while biking. I use it on and off the bike, it is wonderful.

Love the show!
Matt in Denver