Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 301: The Scottish Hen with Geoff Haggerty

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Geoff Haggerty

Writer and showrunner Geoff Haggerty joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of magic, nudity in movies and television, Jesse's trip to the bike shop, and Jesse's voice acting.


Bike Collective


You were at the Bike Oven
There isn't enough demand for classes, but if you stop in with something to fix they should help you. They accept donations for rack time and parts, but I have seen a lady pay in tamales.
Sometimes you run into the type of apathy you ran into, but the guy who runs it is Chicken. He's the only "adult" there. He's a sound guy for movies when he actually has to make money, definitely a good guy.
He spent a whole night trying to help me fix a bottom bracket on my bike.
Other nights they organize group bike rides, movie nights, and concerts. Basically its just a good place to have some cheap fun. I've had some good times there. Don't give up on it.