Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 304: Jerry Jack Off with Kumail Nanjiani and Emily Gordon

Kumail Nanjiani
Emily Gordon

Kumail Nanjiani and Emily Gordon, hosts of the Indoor Kids, join Jordan and Jesse to for a discussion of children's books, Bud Light Cranberita, and the magic of cutting a doughnut in half.


Go Indoor Kids!

I'm a huge Indoor Kids fan and have really enjoyed all of Jordan's appearances over the last couple years. I jumped into JJGo off the recommendation from this week's Indoor Kids episode. What a delightful podcast!? Wonderful episode....I'm now fully on board for all things Jordan Morris.

Regarding Beta Male album

this is what sucks: yesterday, I bought Kumail's great debut album "Beta Male," and it's fantastic. I love Kumail's appearances on JJGo and I listen to "Indoor Kids" when Jordan appears (not a big videogamer). Album highly recommended. Super funny. Except it has a track where this story happens: a former resident of his LA house abandons her two cats. One cat goes feral. The other cat hangs around the house, pathetically tries to get back inside, and then the cat dies due to traffic. I seem to remember hearing that Kumail was trying to find a new home for the stray cat, probably because it didn't get along with his cat Bagel. I'm sure he didn't want the cat to die. But I wonder about the cat being fostered in the meantime? Or otherwise kept away from traffic somehow? For heavens sake, now I'm unable to think of anything else but this. I may go crazy.

Can Jesse read a children's

Can Jesse read a children's book in every episode!? That should be a new thing.

I love Emily Gordon, but...

it drives me BONKERS when people prounounce Reese's Cups as "reesey"!