Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 323: Straight Up Scoopin with April Richardson

April Richardson

Comedian and podcaster April Richardson joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of their recent northwest tour, bar etiquette and April's experience at a rockabilly conference.


Cocktail Podcast recommendation

I missed the name of the cocktail themed podcast they recommended they in this episode. Can anyone remind me please?

It's called Let's Drink About

It's called Let's Drink About It, and I can indeed recommend.

I'm new to the show...

I meandered over here because I love Jimmy Pardo and he's been on this show. I also love April Richardson. She's quickly becoming one of my favorite podcast people. She's a good laugher and she's not too shabby at making jokes herself. Go Bayside! is the shit. I feel like she's my Saved by the Bell homie when I listen to that, because I loved that show back in the day. Just as much as I hate/love it now. And what's not great about that? Anyway... I like these Jordan/Jesse guys, but we'll see.... you can always tell when you like a podcast because you start clicking on episodes with guests that you have no interest in(this one not included cuz I LOVE APRIL!)

(Oh, and if you click this: then boom, more April.)