Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 341: Thirty-Five with Kulap Vilaysack

Kulap Vilaysack

Podcaster and comedian Kulap Vilaysack joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of the top three things that are bothering Jesse, Jordan's experience at Burning Man and Kulap's new documentary. Check out her documentary at


the jumbotron project

Hey, hope this is the appropriate place to put this but here's the link to the indiegogo project in the jumbotron shoutout:

We got to fifty!

That was my camp!! That was, in fact, my sprayer, but I was not doing the spraying. My friend with the "Taint Wash" written on his belly was on a mission that day, with the result of getting to FIFTY TAINT WASHES! He had a great time. Thanks for saying yes to life.