Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 381: Cherry Blast with Alie Ward and Dave Horwitz

Alie Ward
Dave Horwitz

Fan favorites Alie Ward and Dave Horwitz join Jordan for a discussion of everyone's first kiss and virginity story, rhythmic vaping videos, and Alie's experience throwing out the first pitch at a Tigers game.


RE: Dinosaur Cloacas

Dino poop is part of a key scene in the first Jurassic Park movie.

Momentous occasion

Holy crap! The guy calling in about his neighbor mowing with his pants down is also my neighbor. I was at work when that happened, but I heard all about it when I got home. I did not see his underwear, but my husband says they were red.

Mint Julep e-juice

As soon as this was mentioned I had to look it up and LAWDY LAWD of course it's a thing...