Judge John Hodgman Ep. 10: The Cone-Tractual Dispute


The manufacture of a food truck awning leads to a Portland-infused nightmare. Judge John Hodgman decides what the best compensation is for 40 hours of sewing, and teaches us what's really important: friendship.

To view the evidence in this case, click here.

Amy's Evidence


Gus' Evidence



I love it

This was absolutely hilarious. I loved it so much I made my husband listen to this episode on my ipod!

Smacked of Publicity

This episode was very distracting as this case was merely a thinly veiled attempt to promote a business venture. It did lead to the amusing commentary on Portland but ultimately felt like a demeaning of the very compelling concept of John Hodgman mediating legitimate (though occasionally amusing and trivial) disputes.

Damn Buzz marketers!

Damn Buzz marketers!

Not terrible but great!

When this one started, I thought for sure it was going to be a terrible People's Court case, but as soon as the judge started in on the hippies, it got to be hilarious. This was the best yet!


I am team Amy.

Pure Awesomeness

Just wanted to say the evidence photos are phenomenal. Pure awesomeness. That is all.

Not just the evidence

This episode, by far, is the best one!

Pyrrhic victory!

Since Judge Hodgman CHANGED the sentence at the last minute to allow Gus the option of "sincerely" hugging Amy and telling her she means something to him, I now feel Amy's victory in principal is less than satisfying. I therefore think Judge Hodgman should AGAIN change the sentence (since that is apparently allowed in his court) to say "as judged by Amy" - meaning, when Gus gives one of these hugs, Amy gets to judge whether they are in fact sincere and therefore deserving of a deduction of 10 cones. Yes, I understand, Judge Hodgman quickly saw the exploitation factor in his amendment and put a 60 cone floor in place. But for AMY'S SAKE and for justice, I think SHE should have the power to "grant" the deductions. Oh, and you didn't even get into the QUALITY of the cones Gus gives Amy. What if he half-asses THOSE cones? Just to prove he is still in the cone driver's seat. Okay, I'm done now.

roderick track

hey where is this john roderick track from? it's exceptional. john hodgman you are also exceptional.

Roderick is awesome

the song is aptly titled "Not Moving To Portland"


Any idea where I can get a copy of the song?

I have written to the band (The Long Winters), as well as the group that organized the benefit CD the track was originally featured on (GIVE Seattle) and the coffee shop that sold the compilation (Cafe Vitta), but it does not seem to be available any more. I am willing to pay REAL MONEY for this song, and I can't believe that in this day and age there is no one in the music industry who is willing to take my money in exchange for a song!

That song...

Did anyone ever find this? I waaaaaaaaant it...

Either Gus & Amy were

Either Gus & Amy were pranking you, or Gus was the worst person ever to appear on the JJH show. I'm leaning towards the latter. Either way, I hope he, or people like him, never show up on this show again as he made the show much less fun to listen to.

I'm glad that JH gave him plenty of crap, but it still wasn't worth listening to his smarmy defense.

Evidence photos?

Wait. Where are the exhibits? The mustache? The basement? The awning? Photos or IT NEVER HAPPENED.

Where is the evidence?

I have to make my own judgement!


I have never disliked a stranger as intensely as I dislike this "Gus".


I thought he was fun to listen to