Judge John Hodgman Episode 11: The Case of the Youthful Indiscretions


Brothers Evan and Michael battle it out: as a toddler, Michael stole Evan's things, and gave them away at pre-school. Does Evan deserve an apology?

Also: evidence referred to by Judge Hodgman is viewable here.

Evan's Evidence

Exhibit A: Holographic Gambit Card

Exhibit B: Michael in his mother's wedding dress

Also: Alien Doll



Very entertaining. As an older sister I gave my crush my little brothers gameboy in Jr. High. I have felt great angish over it everyday. I'm 37 now and I feel the need to come clean after listing to this podcast! Excellent work.

Alien Figure

What a great show. Keep up the great work!
I was astounded to hear His Honor mention the Alien figure he owned as a child. Last fall, I found the very same Alien figure for sale at a church tag sale, complete with box and movie poster. They were happy to sell it for $5. I initially intended to give it to my brother for Christmas - it's too ugly to keep - until my wife convinced me to do some Internet research. Long-story-short: I sold it to a Japanese guy on eBay for $400!
--Nathaniel from Watertown, MA

I had that card!

I had that Gambit card (and it was a good one, too)!

Other children?

This was a great one, but I felt the judge was too easy on the older brother. Does he also demand apologies from other people for acts performed while under the influence of childhood? Does the judge suggest I seek redress in the courts from Claude Hurlbut for the many slights and indiscretions that he visited on my childhood?

my lil sis stole a heart

my lil sis stole a heart shaped lolipop from me when I was a kid on valentines day... i never forgave her...


i'm almost positive i had that gambit card when i was a kid


As Evan and Mike's father I have to ask myself where did all go wrong? How did I contribute to their errant ways?


That's my dress?