Judge John Hodgman Episode 134: The Right to Remain Silent

Eugene Mirman

Chris wants his daughter, Sophie, to get over her shyness and show more confidence in uncomfortable social situations. Sophie believes she is making progress in her own way and doesn't need any pushing from her Dad. Who's right and who's wrong? Only one man can decide.

This week we're joined by surprise guest Eugene Mirman to help weigh in on the dispute.

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I must say it's unusual (and

I must say it's unusual (and kind of creepy) that a father wants his 14-year-old daughter to bare her soul to a bunch of college guys.

Also, the emotions felt by a younger teenager and someone in college are, and should be, very different. Sophie's high school is sure to have a more age appropriate creative writing group. If she sees fit to join it would be of far more benefit to share with her peers.

Oh come on. It's not

Oh come on. It's not "creepy". It's misguided perhaps, but to suggest her father had some sinister motivation is ridiculous.

I believe in a Don't Meet

I believe in a Don't Meet Your Heroes and No Public Ridicule policy. The kid's got a valid point. What's the problem with not want to talk to famous people anyhow?

The Lurking Fear

Hey there Judge Hodgeman,

I saw you at the Chicago airport with Kristen Schaal not too long ago; walked the same route as you were checking in, going through airport security, and getting flu shots - and i was going to say hello but didn't want to be a nuisance. But after listening to this latest podcast... i just wanted to say... uh, i think you're great. I love your work... or... i like your coat... or... you're terrific.

Goodbye forever.

... or until next time!

Just the best

I've been listening for a looong time and this is probably my all-around favorite episode. Everyone is so sincere, game and funny it really feels like listening to some friends just having a great time.

Shying away

I'd just like to say that this episode hit home for me in every concievable way, because not only did I have a "too shy around celebrity" moment, I actually had it with John Hodgman himself.

I was at a book signing for the last book in Mr. Hodgman's trilogy (I shall not buzz-market further), at Amoeba records in L.A., and was a bit
too tongue-tied for witty erudition. Fortunately, I had my daughter with me, who held up her end of conversation beautifully. Mr. Hodgman was extremely polite and friendly, and not only spoke to us, but snapped a picture which he was good enough to put on his website (I and my daughter are now known as the "time traveling steam powered robot hunters from the future", thanks to that photo).

Thank you for reminding me, by word and by deed, that celebrities do not mind (in general) you taking the time to tell them how cool they are.

(We also saw Eugene Mirman at Amoeba a few months before that, but he was
shopping and we were both too nervous to speak with him)


Her genuine terror when the judge offers to get more people on the line was adorable!

It's not a loss

Chris, as a VP at a college, this forced poetry-reading could be an opportunity to create a fundraiser for a local charity..."students, come watch the VP make a fool of himself by reading poetry and donate to X local charity"

Haha - the Eugene/Sophie

Haha - the Eugene/Sophie segment was cute.

Liked the way the judge and

Liked the way the judge and Jesse treated Sophie they are good