Judge John Hodgman Episode 14: Snob V. Slob


A fiancee demands that her sweetheart shape up and dress for a promotion, plus other clothing-related disputes.

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After the jump, the evidence submitted for consideration.

Jon's Evidence

Exhibit A: His workday clothes to be worn on a fairly warm day.


Go Half and Half

Wear a Blazer and Tailored Jeans/ Khakis with an appropriately Nerdy T-shirt and Some sneakers ( despite The Judge's insistance that sneakers are not appropriate.) Better that the clam diggers but still professional.

I agree. There are so many

I agree. There are so many options these days for men's business casual. Its not crocs or dress shoes. Even sweaters and jeans would work as an appropriate option, provided the sweaters were fitted and of a higher quality.

I also wanted to take a minute and say that I just discovered this podcast and am going back and listening to the old ones. Its quickly become a favorite!


No one should ever stick their neck in a slip knot (noose) for any reason especially just to make all the other idiots with nooses around their necks feel as though their decision was anything other than pathetic!



This man was clearly not fit to defend himself, for it is very obvious that there are laws for nerds and laws for mortals but he was too busy trying to please his future wife to assert this. I do not argue that, for the sake of their marriage, he should dress better. HOWEVER, should he dress this was to work he will be rejected by his fellow nerds like the foreign element he has become! This man is going to arrive at work one day, very dapper, to find himself locked of his own programming console! He'll reach for his smart phone....wait...wait, where is it? ITS IN HIS CARGO PANTS. Nerds need pockets for an assortment of electronic gadgets and accessories. He'll be reduced to spending the day looking dapper and doing nothing, which I suspect is what you wanted.

Blasphemy and Heresy

Just happened upon this strange blog.

John Hodgman is, sort of, the Dr. Howland Owll of our times. And just as I am disappointed with Pastafarianism in contrast to The Church of the Subgenius, he pales in comparison to his spiritual ancestor.

Now, if you'll excuse me I must change out of this red tricorne hat, fur collared greatcoat, Hawaiian shirt, jodhpurs, and kung fu slippers ensemble, and into a dry martini.

God day sir,

Proper Attire

The "Dress for the job you want, not the job you have" rule is the reason I always go to work in judicial robes. That does not always fit with the attire of my colleagues, but it is the right thing to do.

Glad she's still just a fiancee.

He works not as a clam digger but as a programmer and he dresses as his colleagues dress. Crocs are foul but eh, some swear by them.
If he were to go for a job interview, then fine, he should dress very nicely and professionally.
However, until such time, lay off and let him be relaxed at work. This kind of pestering now bodes ill for marital bliss later.
Good luck to you both.

Status symbols

Sometimes, incredibly sloppy attire, especially in a somewhat-suited environment, is worn as a mark of the extremely high level of expertise of the wearer. As such, it is a primate dominance signal; to deprive this person of such would mean that he might well have to fall back on the old, reliable, throwing of fœces and howling.