Judge John Hodgman Episode 154: Visitation Rights

John Roderick

Kevin insists that his best friend Ross abandon his daily routine and small-town life and visit him in the city once in awhile.

We're joined this week and next by Guest Bailiff John Roderick of The Long Winters and the podcast Roderick on the Line, with Merlin Mann. Thanks John!

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This is adorable

So glad they worked it out : )


Dear Judge - Nighthawks has always been one of my favorite paintings. And thanks to PBS' Sister Wendy's American Collection it was made even better. Nighthawks - 1942 was painted just after December 8, 1941 (a day that will live in infamy). As she points out, the painting expresses a similar feeling to how we felt after September 11, 2001.

A Bear Named Winnie

That movie needs to be seen to be believed. I "live-tweeted" it a few years ago, a transcript of which (including pictures and a link to the full film on YouTube) can be found here: http://weltretter.wordpress.com/2012/08/01/a-bear-named-winnie/


Canadians who have not been Stephen Fry's stand-in know the story well from this Heritage Moment:

"Why 'Pooh'?"
"Just Winnie... the... Pooh!"


For all the fun made in this case of compound words that express quintessentially German concepts, Bailiff John Roderick's final words to the litigants present perhaps the most perfect opportunity for such a word. I can't think of anything more German than a compulsory art show, or ein Pflichtkunstausstellung.

It's April 6th I would like

It's April 6th I would like to know if Ross made good on his promise go to the museum on April 5th.

Oh, he did. It was a nice

Oh, he did. It was a nice day. He has come to city three times since. Isn't that incredible?

Oh, he did. It was a nice

Oh, he did. It was a nice day. He has come to city three times since. Isn't that incredible?

Nahe Jedenew

Ich studiere Germanistik in München. Als ich dieses Podcast zugehören habe, habe Kevins Buch bei Amazon.com bestellt. Ich warte mit angehaltenem Atem auf dem "potentielle Liebeskunst ohne Geschlechtsverkehrsabsicht" T-Shirt. Sie sind dran, Judge John Hodgman.