Judge John Hodgman Episode 167: Brocavore


Brothers Edmund and Garth plan to grow and raise all of their food for an entire year. Garth thinks they should have occasional exceptions for things like chocolate and coffee. Edmund says they need to go whole hog. Who's right?

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Judge Hodgman, you need a better fact-checker on staff!

Vitamins? Really?

My mind was blown that one of the exceptions was vitamins. Science has shown vitamins to be worthless if not detrimental. I realize lots of "educated" people choose to believe in Intelligent Design, that vaccines cause autism and climate change is a hoax, but c'mon - you're giving up all kinds of other healthy nutritious things you can't make yourself but still have to have vitamins?

Suprisingly poor decision on the Judge's part

Judge Hodgman usually has very good instincts, so I was surprised at how tonally off his decision was. Hodgman threw the genuine desires of both brothers to the wind for his own amusement. Disappointing.

It was as if two kids asked their father about a specific rule for an imaginary game and the father forced them to add silly rules or extra steps with double entendres that only he would enjoy.

Garth: from King Missile?

OK, I hate to blow someone's secret identity, but Garth from this episode is pretty clearly John S. Hall, of King Missile.

Just sayin':

- Tony in San Francisco


You nailed it

Quote at the beginning of the show

What was the piece of culture that the honorable Judge Hodgman was "quoting" at the beginning of the podcast?

Pop Cult Ref

It was the book Back to Basics by the Reader's Digest. (About 11 minutes into the podcast it's revealed)