Judge John Hodgman Episode 17: Parents Just Don't Understand


Should a father be able to compell his teenage daughter to watch classic films? Or does a 16-year-old deserve autonomy in her entertainment choices?

Plaintiff Avigayil brings this case against her father, Michael. You can find the evidence submitted by both parties after the jump.

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Avigayil's Evidence

Exhibit A

Examples of movies Avigayil has been forced to watch and did not like:
The Magnificent Seven
The African Queen

Examples of movies that Avigayil has been forced to watch and did like:
The Untouchables
Duck Soup (Marx Brothers)

Examples of movies they have yet to watch that are being saved on Tivo:
Boys From Brazil
A Few Good Men

Michael's Evidence

Exhibit A

An album of photos showing their movie-watching space, items showing cultural education, etc. View here.


Who affirms?

I am a little confused: Michael and Avigayil affirmed rather than swore, which is a tradition that I always associated with Quakers. But Avigayil's name is very Hebrew and Michael teaches at a private Jewish school. Are they Quakers who take seriously the Jewish roots of Christianity? Or are there some Jews who only affirm? Or are Michael and Avigayil's family a sort of fusion Quaker Judaism, the way my family tends towards Buddhist Judaism?

Orthodox Jews also avoid

Orthodox Jews also avoid swearing and will only affirm.

(I was glad to hear this one, in fact, as it means I could potentially bring a case before Judge Hodgman someday; until now, I had thought the swearing would likely make it impossible.)

Dear Judge John Hodgman

When you pass a sentence, do you want all of your listeners to also abide by it? Because in many cases, I think it works. I quite liked The Third Man.

Josh Treleaven
Prince George, BC, Canada

Third man

Just watched the third man. It was OKAY! JUST OKAY!

Does that make me a Jabroni?

I don't think so. I have many projects I work on daily. I just don't think the movie was that great. STEP UP! STEP UP!

What was that other movie Jessi mentioned? ROSHIMBO? or something?

That might be better than just OKAY!

I might work on some more projects and then try to find it on Netflix.



Directed by Kurosawa, it can be seen as "slow" by today's pacing standards (this can be said for most films before 1970 or so), but certainly one of the best in discussing what "truth" really means based on perspective. I cannot recommend it highly enough, it should be watched by everyone.

But once you start on Kurosawa, it's a deep, deep rabbit hole. 7 Samurai, Hidden Fortress (what Star Wars is loosely based on), Yojimbo (A Fistful of Dollars), Throne of Blood, the list goes on, especially when you consider all the remakes by others.

The Third Man is great, but mostly for style and look, the plot is good but the visual elements are the real strength.

Oct Movies

Hello all ! loved this podcast and all the scary recommendations for horror films.
Did I hear you say there where 35 in all?
I would really love to know the rest if possible.

Thank You,