Judge John Hodgman Episode 176: The Burden of Goof


Michelle's fiance Josh is a prankster and has taken things too far! Will the judge crack down on the goofs?

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Race Aint Racist

Cato character is racist? Because he works for a Frenchman? Is Clouseau? Enough!

Burden of Goof

I wonder if when Josh passes out the fake test to his students, if they ALL really have a good laugh. Seems a little passive aggressive. Or maybe just clueless.

You haven't cleared the docket in a while!

It's one of the most fun parts of the show! Do it regularly please!

How did Jesse know that 70

How did Jesse know that 70 percent of 50 is 35 off the top of his head


Half of 70.


Doubling things isn't usually very mentally taxing ... 35/50 = 70 per cent. Though Jesse's still pretty quick, if that wasn't an edit.

How Jesse Knew. . .

50 is half of a hundred; all percentages of 50 are half the "%" number. So sixteen percent of 50 is 8, for example.
Works for other easy multiples / divisors of 100 too.

Because 50 is half of 100?

Because 50 is half of 100? But points deducted for using the wrong starting point. The percentage of error is $35 out of $85, which is 41%, not 35/50.

Punch Up

Jesse punched the nail on the head with his final question/statement after sentencing. 'nuff said!