Judge John Hodgman Episode 205: Schnapp Judgment


Eric brings the case against his friend, brother-in-law, and drinking buddy Jonas. Jonas prefers the finer things, and drinks more expensive liquor. Eric drinks the cheaper stuff, and says he suffers snotty comments from Jonas as a result.

Should Jonas cut the snobbery, or is Eric being oversensitive? Only one man can decide.

This week's episode title suggested by Craig Eliason! Thank you!



Jim (verb)

Seems legitimate: http://dare.wisc.edu/words/WotM/jim

1 also with ~ around: To do odd jobs; to loaf about; hence n jim-around an odd-job man.

Exceptional Quotes, Worth Recording

Mostly just commenting to put these quotes of JJH's out into the index-able world of search engines; because they stood out and are worthy of being noted by search engines and humans alike.

This one:
"Alcohol is serious stuff and I have seen a number that is too large of my friends have their lives near-ruined by it. And the way that people ruin their lives with alcohol begins with the day that they tell themselves a story which is “I’m a drinker” and they identify that as being part of their life, being part of their identity. And that’s why the stories you tell yourself and the world by the brands you choose and the context in which you enjoy alcohol are important and worth discussing."

And this one:
"It is the story that you tell yourself that is the important one, not the story you write for other people and not the story that is written for you by brands."

Thanks for all of the great episodes & work, Judge John & Bailiff Jesse!

Jimming Around

It's in the Urban Dictionary, so essentially, it's validity is still up in the air.



Jimming Around

It's an in the Urban Dictionary, so basically it's validity is still up in the air.



Jimming and Mark Twain

The reference is to Mark Twain's famous character Jim, a runaway slave.

Jim just hangs out on an island and wanders around.

Hence, Jimming is just hanging out and wandering.

Jimming around

TOP DEFINITION Source: Urban dictionary

To just chill out, hang around, relaxed, laid back, not doing something.
Someone who's looking somewhat high, but nobody's quite sure. There is confusion involved also.
See chill.
1. Get off, I'm just jimmin' here!

2. Most of the time, Sarah just jims around, doing nothing.

3. Quit Jimmin', we'z gots work to do.

By PatD September 16, 2003

hipster snobbery

Blind taste tests always show this kind of snobbery to be complete bunk (wine, bottled water, etc). The excellent example of Stella Artois being perceived completely differently in different places is a great example (like Mercedes Benz in the US vs Germany).

To me someone who is so easily manipulated by elitist marketing is essentially unsophisticated (and insecure about being perceived that way). It also shows ignorance about the interesting and important science of human perception and marketing. It takes a lot of self-awareness to truly "like what you like" in a world full of multi-million dollar marketing and hipster nonsense.

"Jim'd around" to me is like

"Jim'd around" to me is like "Jimmy the lock" or otherwise fidgeting randomly

Ginning around

- To spend too much time on simple jobs.


Busch jingle / jimmed around

I think this is only the second cultref I've gotten. That Busch song was on all the time and sits in my brain between the Growing Pains theme and the Big Red jingle.

Also, internet search results are pretty slim but there are a handful for "jimmed around".

To Gin, Jin or Jim around


1, An explanation of the phrase.
2, A strong recommendation for a great book.

- J Flynn

ginning around

Dude, maybe he doesn't know how to spell a colloquialism. Try searching "ginning around." Google even knew how to fill in the rest of what I was typing. Urban dictionary and some amount of racist roots.