Judge John Hodgman Episode 214: The Santa Suit


Andy brings the case against his wife Virginia. Andy wants to share the spirit of Christmas and Santa all year long. Virginia wants to restrict it to the holiday season. Who's right? Who's wrong? (P.S. Parents who may be listening with children, this case deals with Santa! You catch our drift?)

Jeff Herbert named this week's case via the Judge John Hodgman Facebook page. Thanks, Jeff!



Submitted by Virginia

Jolly Santa Andy

Andy sans beard

Virginia -- Not Mrs. Claus!


This was such a delightful

This was such a delightful episode.

Sans Beard

I must say that Andy without a beard does look very good. I get the appeal!

Off Season

I think he should be a Colonel Sanders portrayer in the off season.

Fun episode!

She really would make a pretty awesome Mrs. Claus... What a great-looking couple! Fair ruling on this one (as always), but the man clearly loves doing what he does. After hearing the episode of This American Life about the bearded Santas I know he has somewhat of a responsibility to keep his jolly demeanor out in the real world, so it's nice that he's bringing joy to children while not on duty. As a teacher I can relate a little. My students approach me at the grocery store or at neighborhood events, and I make sure I'm excited to see them. I have coworkers who don't share this sentiment, but I'm really not sure what motivates them to take on such a career if they have no love for the young people they serve. It makes Andy happy to do this, so I think she could afford to be a little more supportive.

one of the best JJH, super

one of the best JJH, super funny

reppin NC

Thrilled to have some folks reppin' NC! And with such a charming dispute. Warmed my Tar Heel heart to hear some Southern accents on my favorite podcast.

Your Honor, please come Santa (or just be yourself!) in Durham. You are welcome anytime. Bull City loves you!