Judge John Hodgman Episode 225: Go Set a Tip Jar

Monte Belmonte

Two friends co-host a literary reading series as a labor of love. Should they begin to seek donations?

This week we say au revoir, till next time to our wonderful Summer Bailiff Monte Belmonte! Thank you for everything, Monte!

Charles Louis Richter named this week's case via the Judge John Hodgman Facebook page. Thanks, Charles!

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A way to seek donations and

A way to seek donations and be 100% transparent:

Only seek tips when you have a specific purchase in mind, and explain that money will be for that purpose. For example: "Donation Jar: Proceeds go towards ___ (a larger book print run, a better sound system for your listening pleasure, extended merchandise)" You'll be clear about what you want and you'll know what your audience is most interested in by the money that comes in.


you could ask the bar to run a drink special. Something like a shot and a beer or a certain wine... The bar could charge and extra dollar or two for these and the proceeds could go to you. There could be a sign outlining how the funds would help. the bartenders could give customers the pitch. it would be a nice way to help for those who wanted to.

Sound System

So coincidentally I have a full on PA system I was looking to sell. I would be more than willing to donate it to these women. I will also be at John Hodgman's Boston Vacationland if they are interested in taking it off my hands.

Good Luck...

I will dress up as both the litigants order to intercept the intended donation! I want to start a rival literature night, and need the PA to shush people as they come in the bar. I will be clever enough to charge the patrons, who will come to sit patiently in silence, waiting for their turn to read the only poem. To maintain the necessary ambiance to properly appreciate our poem, I will also issue frequent preemptive shushes at a rate 3/5 amount per minute. The litigated not-for-profit literature night, my soon to be bitter rival, will be crushed beneath the commercial behemoth "Shush Night Literature Fun Hours: Now With Poem!".