Judge John Hodgman Episode 229: Rewind is a Sometimes Command

Paul F. Tompkins

Featuring Guest Bailiff Paul F. Tompkins! JH and PFT clear out the docket!

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This week, the Judge will address this photo, sent in by Jake and Noelle W.:

"We found this in Siem Reap, Cambodia, at a hole in the wall restaurant of name unknown (or at least name unreadable to us as we don't read Cambodian). We did not order it."


Need Glasses

I'm a guy who wears glasses who was very surprised to hear anyone had a problem with non-prescription lenses. I get the hipster idea that nerd is cool may be gross but I've always been a bit of a nerd/geek/dork. At some point I started wearing glasses and it fit me. So at the time it may have be disingenuous to my sight but true to my personality and costume as a human. Maybe this counts like Paul's suits that he doesn't have to wear for his environment but It's be weird for some to see him without one.

I do actually have prescription glasses now but I never heard of an issue with it before. Actually there were times where I'd pop the lenses out and wear frames as a sort of goof move but still as me.

thanks for reading...

Thumbs up

Listening to the Judge and Mr. Tompkins chat is beyond delightful, and always makes me wish they had a podcast together.

Alas, it's a pipe dream that also leads to me wish the Judge would continue on the help-guru train and have another ppl's problems podcast with the help of Tompkins, Jean Grae, and Paget Brewster. One can dream.

Common Case Law Tote/Shirt

I desperately want the common case law as recited in this episode to be printed in blocky justified awesomeness on a tote or t-shirt for my purchasing pleasure. Make it happen, profit-seeking team!