Judge John Hodgman Episode 230: It May or May Not Take a Village


As promised to donors during our annual pledge drive earlier this year, we present our "Switcheroo" week episode! Hosts Biz Ellis and Theresa Thorn of the One Bad Mother podcast jump in to adjudicate a parenting-related dispute this week. You'll find Judge Hodgman guest hosting this week's RISK! podcast.

All will return to normal next week but in the meantime, enjoy!

Judge Biz Ellis presides with Bailiff Theresa Thorn: should a couple with a baby seek out other young parents? Or are their old (non-parent) friends sufficient?

Michelle Hefflin named this week's case via the Judge John Hodgman Facebook page. Thanks, Michelle!

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Bless me but this was a hard episode to listen to. I was rather excited to hear the hosts of one bad mother join us for a week since I'd been meaning to check them out. And this week's case had to do with a parenting issue; How appropriate!

But instead I was cringing every time the husband's opinion was belittled and turned into a joke. On the other hand it really made me appreciate how well John manages to act a proper judge and coax out each persons story before offering biased suggestions. Instead of the usual probing and listening with judgment after deliberation, this episode only contained judgement and quick disregard or foreign ideas such as methodical thought processes and a desire for expertise outside of the family and church circle.

Unsolicited Advice!

Hi. Here is my unsolicited advice! lol

Specifically a strategy for getting out of leading the group at church. You should do what my grandma told me. Since you are leading the group just start talking about anything and everything you want. Filibuster the whole meeting. Talk about your kid's poop. Talk about never getting to sleep. If someone tries to steer the conversation back to a relevant topic, relate what they are saying back to the color of you kid's poop. The leader of the program might take some pity on you then.

For my grandma, people are too nice to say she's gone a little senile so she uses that to her complete advantage. "If I have to be old anyway, might as well milk it" :D The same concepts should apply to new, sleep-deprived parents. Go all out on the poop talk and if anyone tries to call you out just look confused and tired.

Or you could be honest with the leader... but where is the fun in that?

What about a therapist?

I was listening to the desired criteria of this amazing, patient couple and I was wondering when he was going to list what they as a couple could offer to this wiser couple. What if this imaginary couple wants to take all of your listening time at this very moment? If you want a consistent listener, a nonjudgmental therapist is an accessible route.

Typo in RISK link

The RISK! link has a typo in the HTML, it is missing a quote.

Unbroken link to the podcast:http://risk-show.com/


Please never do the host switching thing again. Guest hosts make sense, this does not. I have researched all your podcasts already.