Judge John Hodgman Episode 231: The Hard of Hearing


Reed's dad Bruce has suffered some hearing loss - must he try hearing aids? How about an ear trumpet? Find out when Judge John Hodgman rules!

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Hearing Aids

Funny, this podcast is about hearing aids, correct? Well, how about being a good role model and providing captioning of this podcast for people with hearing loss to understand whats being said? Shame, shame, shame on Judge Hodgman for not ruling first that the podcast should be accessible to those who are deaf or have hearing loss. Typical of the hearing population

Also, don't be shitty. Just

Also, don't be shitty. Just ask for what you need.

Hi there, Judge Hodgman's

Hi there, Judge Hodgman's producer here. Thank you for your message. For a time, we had a transcriber who helped us with transcriptions of interviews from Jesse's NPR show but his availability changed, and we don't have someone contracted for Judge John Hodgman at the moment. It is definitely something we will consider for the future.

The Hard of Hearing

My husband, in denial of his hearing loss, was a captive audience in the car when I played this episode. Suddenly, he "needed air" and rolled down the windows even though it was a brisk 65 outside. When Judge Hodgman got to the part about it being "emotionally draining" to be around people who can't hear, the AC was turned on full blast!
The lengths some people will go to remain deaf, dumb, and blind.

Get them. Yesterday.

I am relatively young for hearing aids (47) but I have them and I love them. They help mitigate my tinnitus and have greatly improved my quality of life. They are pretty comfortable, no one ever notices them in my ears. My only regret is that insurance won't cover them and eventually they have to be replaced. At least do the no risk trial. Some versions even come with Bluetooth.

(Haven't heard the whole

(Haven't heard the whole podcast yet...)

I have a mother who is deaf in one ear and incredibly hard of hearing in the other. She refused to get a hearing aid for twenty years. She finally broke down when it started seriously affecting her working life and loves it - she doesn't care about discomfort or aesthetics - it's just great that she can hear leaves rustle again. She has told me that she regrets not getting one sooner.

who goes first?

I mean, in the REAL world the prosecution would give their opening statement first. So I think you should go based off that.

I've just started listening

I've just started listening to this episode so I don't know all that was said but wanted to mention this before I forgot...My mom wears hearing aids. Hers just stopped working and so she needs to get new ones. The audiologist said that she can try them for 60 days and can return them for a full refund. She can even switch to a different kind (there are smaller ones and larger ones and ones that have more features) and try those for 60 days and return them if she doesn't like them. A very good deal!

Good luck...Cindy