Judge John Hodgman Episode 233: The Slight Freaks


Judge Hodgman and Guest Bailiff Elliott Kalan of the Flop House clear out the docket, ruling on how to talk to a robot, the rights and privileges of toys, the appropriate way to introduce your kids to team sports, and more.

Special thanks to Elliott for joining us this week! Be sure to check out his podcast, The Flop House

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Čapek mispronunciation

I doubt the good Judge reads these comments, but in this episode both he and Mr. Kalan mispronounce Karel Čapek's last name, which starts with a 'ch' sound like 'chip'. While it's true many foreign words are altered in spelling and pronunciation when on loan, I believe we can and should do better for the inventor of the word 'robot'.

Best regards,
Colin in Evanston

What did you say instead of "spouse"

What was the cut at 41:24 on "spouse" about? What was the original line? Did you say something bad and then think better of it in post-production?

I love that the Judge trolls

I love that the Judge trolls Elliott about having an affair with his wife hahaha

Comedy gold. Love that Judge.

Elliott Knows From Dogs and Robots

Since Elliott is now the very first person ever to mention "City" as a science fiction wonder, I have to mention and praise him for it.

I liked that book so much as a kid, that after losing my used paperback copy to a former friend who didn't return it, I searched the world over for years until finally finding another paperback copy in Vinh Long, Viet Nam (true story).

I still have that copy. The book is still way cool and deep and stuff. The premise is way cool and deep, and the end is way cool and deep AND a surprise. Also more than a little disturbing.

Okay, it didn't age all that well, but who does? You go, Elliott! Judge Hodgman, you should find it and read it if only for the incredibly obscure cultural references. Just tell Webster that Towser sent you.

Bill Morgan, somewhere in New Mexico (a State)

Replicants Are Not Robots!

I just wanted to make a slight correction to John Hodgman's assertion that Harrison Ford uses the enhanced photograph in Blade Runner to track down a robot; the Replicants in the movie are are actually bio-engineered, and have no mechanical components.