Judge John Hodgman Episode 239: Textual Harassment


Molly brings the case against her good friend Hector. Hector values her advice and often seeks her thoughts on matters professional or personal. Since they live far away from each other, he often texts or emails her to get in touch. Molly says his "digital poking" and consultation has gotten out of hand. Should Hector tone it down? Only one man can decide.

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Time Zones

What about time zones? Are his texts waking her at all hours?

New T-shirt


Just listened to the opening two more times..

And I'm still blown away by Molly's guess of the obscure cultural reference


Am I the only one (aside from Molly) who got the Anna Karenina reference right off the bat? It felt like the combination of "family emoji" plus "equals sign" plus "Russian flag" made it pretty clear, and the quote is more well-known and identifiable than many that have been used on the podcast. But maybe I just have a knack for emoji-speak.

I want a jpg of those emoji

I totally didn't get the reference, but I loved it and really want the emoji sequence. Maybe on a bumper sticker (hint to Topato store!)


This episode was so fun!

This episode was so fun!