Judge John Hodgman Episode 241: Guilty as Charred


Simone brings the case against her husband, Julian. They're currently living abroad in Portugal, on the island of Madeira. They've enjoyed adapting to the customs of their new home, but Julian can't get used to their special built-in grill. Simone says they should do as the Portuguese do and figure out how to take advantage of this beautiful piece of equipment. Julian thinks they should just buy a hibachi. Who's right? Who's wrong?

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Submitted jointly by Simone & Julian



Just looking to confirm that this definitely wasn't Ben Stiller calling in? Seriously, once heard; never un-heard.

Mmm... BBQ.

<3 Australia

While the show focused on the

While the show focused on the BBQ v. Grilling aspect, I think a major part of his desire for a new kettle grill was convenience. As she stated, he hadn't really been talking about the BBQ aspects much, it was more about how hard it was to use the massive existing grill. I can understand that, using such a huge grill with the amount of fuel and hassle just to cook a couple of steaks or hamburgers. I would much rather use a smaller grill as well.


another bs ruling from jjho. but i don't think he'll be able to judge fairly until he comes out of the closet .

Adjustable heat

Hey there, litigants. If you're reading this, you can get some fire bricks to put along the inside of the grill to prop up the grate, if you need to cook something a little farther away from that fire.

Thumbs up!

The best JJHo episodes are those where the Judge has in-depth knowledge of the topic, and can dig through layers, suggesting quite sensible and fair ideas, only to go further and find a deeper truth. Love it and hope for more in the New Year.

That Old Time Brisketism

I enjoyed hearing the Judge discuss the mysticism of smoke and the mystery of brisket. It's all clear now; barbecue : esoteric :: grilling : exoteric. Let other faiths burn their offerings in open braziers -- my new religion will slow cook pork butt in swinging thuribles, filling the meeting-yurt with holy deliciousness.

P.S.: Did you know? The reason that pork shoulder is known as the butt is that people once misunderstood the orientation of pigs. Thought to wear their snout and jowls on their hindquarters, it's no wonder that swine were seen as unclean. (Thanks, da Vinci, for clearing this up!)

-- Yasha from Seattle