Judge John Hodgman Episode 246: Miami Memories


Judge Hodgman and Bailiff Jesse address airplane etiquette, the importance of Hamilton, swear words and more! There's no explicit content in this one, but you may not want kids listening to it all the same.

If you're looking for the hotel mentioned in this week's show, it is the Mayfair Hotel in Miami!



Lebowski A

A Positive F*A

Fucking A

I have absolutely and definitely used this in both the positive and negative and also the confused, and I think we should be able to provide supporting evidence for all three...

Thank you

Judge John Hodgman -

I cannot thank you enough for bringing my attention to Hamilton. Based upon your comments in this episode, I pulled it up online to take a listen. It has been on nonstop rotation since that moment. Fantastic piece of musical theatre. Thank you sir!


Neal Stephenson!

I am a big Neal Stephenson fan, so yeah, read his books! OTOH, he's very, very uneven. "7 Eves" is 2/3 of an incredible book. "Anathem" is probably my favorite, with "Cryptonicom" second.
My first encounter with Stephenson was with his book "Zodiac," in which his protagonist is part of a Greenpeace-like organization. Having done my time on a Greenpeace vessel back in the day, it was pretty funny and it gave Greenpeace more credit than it deserved.
So I encourage you to read "Anathem," and if you want a feeling of 1980's environmentalism, pick up Zodiac.

Also - Hamilton!!!

Esau's and chives

I go to two different "Esau's" and the chive thing is dependent upon the owner. At one, it's real chives. At the other, it's green onions.

"Esau's" is a franchise so the owners/managers make decisions. It may be best to first contact the actual corporate "Esau's" and let them know of the problem establishment(s).

Flavor profile?

Ye gods, just call it "flavor". "Flavor profile" is reserved for pretentious food bloggers.

Why give an extended warning

Why give an extended warning about adult content only to go on bleeping and saying "fornicating a"? ...especially since the podcast has included swear words before?

Thanks for your thoughts.

Thanks for your thoughts. We've heard many times that adults listen to the show with their children, and not everyone thinks bleeped swearing is OK. Also, NPR isn't okay with the word "effing" in place of f****** so I'm being overly safe. :)

I was actually confused about

I was actually confused about it IN the episode, not your blurb. :) It just seemed strange to warn families to turn off the podcast early because of upcoming swear words, and then either change the word or bleep it anyway!


While I'm no great lover of biopics, I must say---it's ironic how much you trash the genre in the same episode as you laud Hamilton, a musical about the life of Alexander Hamilton. So surely biopics can't all be bad, no?

effing a

Strong Language: A Sweary Blog about Swearing posted an article about this term last November. Considering that it predates the '80s, it's safe to say that the "A" doesn't stand for "awesome."


f***** affirmative

I always thought it meant "yes" and was derived from the military use of affirmative to mean yes.

Airplane seat assignments

Dear Judge Hodgman,
Over a period of 8 years, my family (two adults and two children) traveled by airplane on the same inexpensive airline to visit extended family. We planned well in advance and reserved seats together. In total, we took 64 flights. On at least 12 of those flights, the airline failed to honor our seat assignments, and re-assigned each person to sit separately throughout the plane. To avoid having our infants/small children seated next to strangers, we were required to stand in the aisle and entreat other passengers to switch with us. Only rarely did the flight attendant offer to assist us in this humiliating task. I can only assume that the airline had overbooked, and found it easier to anger one family of four than four different paying customers.
Please do not assume that people who ask to switch seats failed to plan adequately.

Thanks again for the sage advice--your show never fails to entertain!

Too true. About a quarter of

Too true. About a quarter of the time when my husband and I fly together, the airline doesn't honor our seat selection and seats us separately.