Judge John Hodgman Episode 247: Bros Before Globes


Should a globe-trotting pal be forced to come home every once in a while?

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The Balkans of the NW.

Smallest of nits.

Freemont isn't the Balkans of the NW...that's Ballard you're thinking of.
Freemont is the caucasus of the NW.

Keep the free funny comin'!

Pedantry alert

Disinterested vs. uninterested: John used the word disinterested incorrectly a couple of times in this episode, and I just want to flag it because it is so easy to correct. We value Judge John Hodgman's rulings because he is disinterested, but he is not uninterested.

Wrong again!

I just learned that I was wrong and the Judge was correct! Pedantry bites me in the -ss once again!

Play Agricola (and others) here


This used to only be in German
I've played Pandemic and Carcassonne with a friend in Israel (I'm in NYC)


Another site

This is better: http://tabletopia.com/

can we talk about colonialism themed board games for a minute


its not all rabbit divorces and carrots. this game

"The players settle the New World and choose historical roles with an eye toward shipping to the Old World the greatest possible quantity of goods from their own plantations and production buildings.

plantations??? are there slaves in the game? do you have to amputate Tainos like Colombus did to get them to mine gold and grow cotton b4 they decided to import kidnapped africans??

A Game for Eric and Noah

While they may have already considered this, Hearthstone could be a great option for Eric and Noah. It is vastly superior to Magic Online in several ways including: fewer bugs, better interface, far less expensive, and availability/consistency across multiple platforms.


I thought the exact same thing! I second this notion.

Kune v Lakia game

Here is a link to the game that was mentioned in the episode (at least, I hope that it is the right one)


That Rabbit Game

Is there anyway for a person from the US to get this amazing sounding game?

I'm glad you're interested in

I'm glad you're interested in it! We are running a Kickstarter for it very soon. You can like the StuntKite Publishing Facebook page for updates.


I'm scratching my head trying to figure out why this case was heard. Aside from possibly wearing out his welcome at Noah's home, Noah has no business trying to restrict Eric's travel. Eric is an adult and free to do as he wants. He should probably offer to pay something to Noah when he stays for several months but his travel is his own affair.


Judge Hodgman, longtime listener, first time complainer. This weeks episode reminded me of something I read a few months ago in Rolling Stone Magazine, published July 20, 2015. World traveling board-game licenser is, I suspect, not a thing.


An egomaniac, from the the Seattle suburb of Bellevue, who travels constantly and lives nowhere. Worth a look.

Too cynical?

I see the similarities in stories, but I don't know about "catfished". These were definitely real people, and there's even a link to that amazing sounding rabbit-divorce game. I think Hodgman chooses cases partly on the actual case, and partly on how interesting and/or charming the litigants may be. This case seemed a no-brainer, but the people involved were great.

That Rolling Stone article is simply fascinating. The guy might be an egomaniac, but he's also truly found a way to game the system and live the life he seems to be passionate about. I can't say I'm not a little jealous.

a little jealous

Truth be told, me too I suppose! Still, similarities are remarkable...