Judge John Hodgman Episode 29: Justice is Out There


Randi and Chris were gifted Mulder and Scully action figures for Christmas, but differ on their purpose in their household. Should they be kept in their original packaging, to retain value (and for laughs)? Or should they be freed, to re-enact X-Files episodes and general playtime?

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Submitted jointly:

Photos of the Mulder and Scully action figures.

Submitted by Randi:

Exhibit R1: A video Chris made when he and Randi were in a long-distance relationship that includes action figure play. This includes a character Chris calls "Sunglasses"

Exhibit R2: An "opening ceremonies" video from a yearly tournament Randi and Chris put on with friends, called March Sanity.


Jedi Haircut

I have to say, the e-mail presenting the Jedi Haircut docket clearing case is one of the funniest things I've ever heard. A week later, I'm still giggling over the sincere compliment.


excellent judgement as usual.

One of the best episodes so

One of the best episodes so far.


That video was the worst thing in life.

The openning ceremonies

I have so much less sanity after watching that video.

Chris loses too

"Our friend that gifted us the figurines." Ugh! Just what is wrong with "Our friend who GAVE us the figurines"????

Randi loses in first moments of "case"

She loses when she says that she was "gifted" a lawn gnome. This is a peeve, and a good one.

-- Marc