Judge John Hodgman Episode 377: Waffle House Arrest

Maeve Higgins

Shenlyn brings the case against her husband, Martin. Shenlyn loves to go out for breakfast with family and friends, but Martin prefers breakfast at home. He thinks that he can cook breakfast at home better and for less money. She wishes he would participate in her breakfast outings. With Guest Bailiff Maeve Higgins!

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Testimony from Shenlyn's mom:

I enjoy going out for breakfast with my daughter because it’s a relaxing time of the morning to sit, talk and share our feelings, ideas, and what we’ve been up to lately all while we are enjoying the goodies that we have chosen, out of all the other food that is offered at a breakfast cafe -- goodies that I would not normally have at home. Breakfast cafes also offer a wider choice of coffee types and toppings I would not have at home either. A good morning cup of coffee is such a relaxing experience that is more enjoyably spent drinking with my loved ones. These outings are special and memorable family times together.

Testimony from Martin's friend, Daniel:

Martin's eggs are perfectly cooked, with just the right amount of tenderness to the yolk. His gluten free toast is crisp yet doughy, and generously lavished with high quality butter. The greens come right from the garden which he painstakingly cares for like his third child. His plating is highly Instagram-able, often demanding upwards of 5 whole minutes of everyone taking pictures before we are ready to dive in. The condiments are abundant and perfectly paired to the meal. The teas he prepares (iced in the Summer, hot in the Winter) always result in an argument on the car ride home between my fiance and I as she requests I bring more to the arena in terms of domestic barista.

I've gotten so caught up with the extravagant food I almost forgot to mention the decor! Martin and Shenlyn's kitchen opens up to the living room with a view of the beautiful shimmering pool in the backyard. Whites and perfectly blended pastels complement the immaculate cast iron cookware and precisely ordered counters and drawers in the kitchen. Uplifting quotes hand painted by Shenlyn grace the walls. As their wonderful children run around playing we sit, enjoy, and feel at ease. We leave feeling happy and peaceful, and wondering why the rest of life's experiences can't be more like breakfast at the *LAST NAME REDACTED* household.


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