Judge John Hodgman Episode 91: Coming Out of the Supply Closet

Scott Adsit

Ben brings this week's case against his girlfriend Sara. Ben and Sara work at the same firm, and they have been dating for three months. Both agree the relationship is going well, but one small detail stands in the way of total domestic bliss -- their relationship remains a secret among their work friends. Ben wants to share the news with their co-workers, claiming he is proud of their relationship and doesn't want to hide it anymore. Sara believes their professionalism may be called into question. She further claims the secretive nature of their romance adds elements of fun and excitement. Should Ben and Sara keep their romance under wraps? Or is it time to lay it all out on the table? Judge John Hodgman decides.

Special thanks to guest bailiff Scott Adsit for keeping order in the court this week. He can be seen on NBC's 30 Rock on Thursday nights or on stage with fellow 30 Rock actor John Lutz in the UCB New York show John and Scott. Scott also has an Off-Broadway improv show in the works called Stolen House.


Special thanks to Scott Nicolson and Angie Robertson for both suggesting this title.


Evidence from Ben
Exhibit A:

Everyone at the office is very close. Here is an image of several co-workers doing the chicken dance together.

Exhibit B:

Co-workers go on trips together. Here is an image of a group of analysts on a weekend trip to Big Sur, California.

Exibit C:

Former analysts have dated. Here is an image of two analysts dancing together at a holiday party.

Exhibit D:

Other employees in relationships are "public." Here is an image of two dating co-workers dressed as each other at a company Halloween party.

Post-Trial Follow-Up Evidence:
Click here for post-trial evidence. You are advised to visit this link after you listen to the whole episode, as its contents may spoil the outcome of the trial.


A most sitcom ruling of my design

JJHo could have imposed a ridiculously sitcom ruling in this case as follows. Introduction of Sara's fake boyfriends actual girlfriend as the girlfriend of Ben. Ben and Sara are "caught" kissing or the like, office gossip ensues, and triggering the spurned fake boy- and girlfriends to seek them at the office to tell them off. They meet each other in the office in front everybody save Sara and Ben. They hatch a fake revenge hook-up between the cheated upon partners, and then Sara and Ben are freed of their fake relationships and have pulled a prank on the whole office.

Not to spoil anything but...

How long did it take for post-trial evidence to come to you guys?

Docket Clearing Faux Pas

Your honor, of course you can't see me, but I've placed my hand beside my mouth while I whisper this to you lest anyone read my lips. You made a slight faux pas while clearing the docket. The college football game to which you refer is the Harvard-Yale game, not the other way around. They may view things differently in New Haven, but just as Southerners need occasional reminding that "they" lost the Civil War, I thought a quiet mention was in order. -Josh, for whom Harvard is primarily an obstacle between the T and Kirkland St.