Kailynn West

Kailynn West is an audio engineer based in Los Angeles California. She has directed, edited and produced audiobooks for major publishers including Macmillan, Penguin, and Harper. Some major credits include 2015 Audie award winning translation of "The Odyssey" by Homer (Robert Fitzgerald) as well as the Washington Post's top 5 audiobooks of 2017 Nobel Prize winner "Kristin Lavransdatter". She has also produced podcasts such as the 2015 Nominee (Academy of Podcasters) Best Ideas & Education podcast, Grammar Girl (Macmillan) as well as other Quick and Dirty Tips channels including Get Fit Guy, Nutrition Diva and Clever Cookstr, as well as recordings for Dead Pilots Society, and Thrilling Adventure Hour. She currently produces Lady to Lady on Maximum Fun. When she's not working, you can find her touring with her band Tiny Stills, playing with all the dogs, and writing music.