Jesse Thorn: Make Your Thing!

09/17/2010 - 22:00 - 23:59
San Francisco, CA
Venue Name: 
The Dark Room Theater

Over the past ten years, Jesse Thorn has built his college radio show, The Sound of Young America, into an independent media powerhouse - and a full-time job. When the show was picked up for distribution by Public Radio International, Thorn became the youngest national public radio host ever. His other media efforts, like the hit podcast Jordan, Jesse, Go! and the style blog and video series Put This On have been similarly successful. His work has been featured in Time, Salon, The New York Times and BoingBoing, among other venues.

In his talk, "Make Your Thing," Jesse talks about how he did it, and how 12 amazing people, many of them his pals, exemplify the qualities you'll need to do it yourself. It's a crash course in independent thing-making in the internet age. Put simply, it's "The 12 Point System for Absolutely, Positively 1000% Guaranteed Success."

This San Francisco talk is the first time the general public will be offered this trip through Thorn's wit, wisdom, and something else that starts with "w."

The show will also feature an introduction from Merlin Mann, the writer, blogger and speaker best known for his talks on personal productivity and his website,

The show is Friday, September 17th at 10PM at the Dark Room Theater in San Francisco's handsome and historic Mission district.

Advance tickets are now sold out - limited tickets will be available at the door.

(If you'd like to invite Jesse to speak at your event, for your organization, or in your city, email our Development Director Theresa.)

Beer supplied by the Shmaltz Brewing Company


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