The Memory Palace Episode 0: Hey there.



Thank you for saving this amazing podcast

Like several others, I'm gonna see if can increase my contribution just because of this excellent addition. At the very least, it makes me happy that I already contribute something so that this could happen. Great job!

I'm so excited for this new/old show!

I've listened to several episodes of The Memory Palace now, and they are great.

Jesse, this show is so good that I need to see about upping my monthly pledge. How do I do that again?

Welcome to the family Nate.

I'm liking what I am hearing so far. Congrats Jesse and Theresa on another wonderful addition to the Maxfun family.

Memory Palace on YES!

Awesome! I love the Memory Palace! Hopefully being part of will encourage Nate to produce episodes more frequently!

I just may need to up my monthly donation if MaxFun keeps recruiting talent like this.

Yes. As a matter of fact.

Expect new episodes every month.

This Is

Really Amazing....Thank You


So glad to see you're back up and running!