It's Our Anniversary! (Toy Story 4, Gabrielle Union, Gullah Geeche Nation/People, Stage Coach Mary, Robert Smalls, Glory Mora)


It's time to celebrate our 4th year anniversary.... or is it our 5th year anniversary? We don't know how numbers work. James just had a birthday and there is controversy surrounding his age. Is he 43? Or 34? We dive into a tangent surrounding Gabrielle Union and all the projects she's up to, also Scream the TV series seems to be making a comeback with some surprise people involved. James saw Toy Story 4 is it good? Was it necessary? What is proper party etiquette? James has some thoughts! We also spoke another movie into existence this time starring Viola Davis! We also celebrate each other and our accomplishments of 4... or 5 years. We dip into the vaults of our two favorite corners through this past year. First up Nnekay covers the Gullah Geechee Nation and it's people- it's history might surprise you! James is giving you the low down on 2 Black folks you probably haven’t heard about and that should become movies asap! One was a bad ass stagecoach driver known as Stage Coach Mary, and the other an escaped pirate slave Robert Smalls. Happy Anniversary and thanks for listening over the past 4... or is it 5 years?!


Gullah Geeche Nation
Color Lines-
Cultural Herritage Corridor Commission-

Stage Coach Mary

Robert Smalls

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