MBMBaM 214: Face 2 Face X: Craigslist Croutons


We did this live show in Los Angeles a few months ago, but that just means the goofs have ripened and fermented for peak flavor. We'll be back with your regularly scheduled fraternal advice next week!

Suggested talking points: Fancy, Shumwaying, Sexy Wii Bowling, Great Job Robber, Dirty Truth or Dare, Truck Bed Contagion, A Puzzle of Flesh, Creating a Human Life, Horse Cons, Super Neutered


best live show

I have to agree with Griffin (I think?) from #213, this live show was fantastic. I expect to hear some of these clips again in your next sampler. :)

audio quality is grrrreat!!

thanks brothers for all the goofs. i stopped the podcast specifically to say the audio quality is outstanding. nice job. usually i avoid live podcasts because audio is terrible but i took a chance here and it paid off!

regards from ATX, home of the 99pack!

Sexy Wii Bowling. Actual solution.

Nipple Wii Bowling.

When it's the Wii Bowling player's turn, they must have a wooden clothespin on at least one or their nips. This brings fun nipple talk to the game and also makes people have weird pinched nips around others. It doesn't work with horses. It also makes the game quicker so people can get back to what they want to do at a party, socializing (in whatever way the present party-goers see fit). I have had one opportunity to do this and it it's my idea. It was a surprise hit. Good music in the background and drinks also helps.

Try it out.

Yours nipfully,

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