MBMBaM 215: Glass Shark


We're back! And better than ever! Arguably. Well, okay; we're batting about average. Well, maybe Justin's a little rusty, and Griffin's a bit down, and maybe Travis recorded using an old-timey gramophone. But still - we're back!

Suggested talking points: Dad Goofs, Movie Jelly, Munchables, That Dark Water, Sexting While Driving, The Winning Powerball Numbers


oh maaan

laughed so hard, outloud, in the middle of my silent office listening to this. My coworkers must think i'm nuts-- awesome episode. Glass Shark, as others said, but also munchables??? jesus

Almost got me

I was laughing so hard at the glass shark bit that I was no longer capable of driving my car. Does that mean glass shark almost got me?

I had the same issue. I have

I had the same issue. I have listened since episode 1, I had tickets to the live Cincinnati show years ago but gave my tickets away because my daughter was about to be born, and have listened to every episode and have never laughed as hard as I laughed at glass shark. I really almost could not drive.

Glass Shark

I laughed so hard at this episode that I literally fell down stairs. Glass Shark!