MBMBaM 221: Jareth Defense Tactics

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The skills you learn in today's episode may very well save your life. Sorry, not "skills" - "skill," singular. That skill is, of course, contact juggling.

Suggested talking points: Hatsune Miku, Greeting Card Resale Market, Saving the Store, A Dime Bag of Hummus, Down the Oubliette, The Giving Tree Ruined, Chicken Venting, Runes N' Crystals, Molting


Death Ray Comics - The UHF of Logan, Utah

Seriously guys, thank you so much. I don't know who exactly "Mourning Ms Marvel in Logan" is, but your comments/advice about coping with the death of a dream brought some unexpected light to this otherwise shitty situation.

"Nobody plans to go out of business!" - For reals, that made me lose my shit laughing.

"So many people walk around thinking 'I'd love to do this...' People have these dreams and they just carry them and never live them out. You're friend did it!" - And that's when my head nodded and a few tears rolled, and I thought - I fucking DID do it!

Thanks guys, this means more than you'll ever know.
​Director of Gamma Spectrum Constructs at Death Ray Comics