MBMBaM 230: Chipocalypse

Bill Corbett

Next week, we'll be doing our live Candlenights spectacular from our hometown of Huntington, WV -- our cleanest episode of the year. That means this episode, we're getting real dirty, which is uncomfortable for all of us, especially for special guestspert Bill Corbett.

Suggested talking points: Candlenights Countdown, Forbidden Attic, Return of the Cod, Mystery Glove, Potato Extinction, Hank Safari, Riff Career, Foreign Billy Joel, Threadbare Garbage Clothes


This is amazing!

I mean... you got to interview/talk to Bill Corbett!
That's probably not as difficult as I think, but that's still super awesome!
Great episode.

PS: Yes, I listened to this a couple weeks late. =P

mahal kita

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