MBMBaM 234: The Legend of Cracker Barrel


We'd ask that you enjoy this episode, but thanks to the New Constitution of the Chill States, you don't really have a choice. Be cool! C'mon. Niiiice.

Suggested talking points: Farewell to Middle-earth, Heraldry, Pokepsychology, Supreme Judgment, The Midnight Amendments, Savers Love Heist, Beef Nuggets, Durancis


Beef Nugs

Lucky Wishbone in Tucson has Steak Fingers, which are really beef nugs. The sound a lot better than they turn out to be (now that I've had them again as an adult).


For the Game Store thing

Apparently, lot of successful places have been renting out tables and selling snacks. Also a good idea to have a board or something for people wanting to run games or play game so that you can connect people.

Beef Nuggets

They aren't battered, but they do taste pretty good.


This show is the tits. I'm

This show is the tits. I'm back here at episode 29, just discovered y'all, but sweet Jesus I have LAUGHED

beef nug recipe