MBMBaM 236: Chobani Hell


What an emotional rollercoaster this episode is! From anger about Dude-spread, to inner peace about Wallace Shawn's bedside manner, and then back to anger over Justin's haunted dolls, and then even deeper anger about Beef Nugs, we explore every facet of the human condition.

Suggested talking points: Big Game Watch, Invisible and Pregnant, Stroking to Death, Birthday Effort, Haunted Doll Watch, Magic Texts, Beef Nugs Lecture


Where is the beef nugget

Where is the beef nugget video?

Celebertries stroking whilst dying

Do you guys know that Richard Herring (one of the sort of godfathers of modern British comedy) has been asking the same yahoo answers question about who you'd like to stroke your hair as you die? I smell shenanigans on the part of one of your fans putting up a yahoo answer stolen from Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast (or as all the cool kids are calling it RHLSTP).
You guys are awesome.
My girlfriend (who it totally real) has put in a request for a warrior cats heavy episode if possible. She read 6 warrior cats books in 1 day after listening to you scream BRAMBLE PELT!
Love you

Winning bid $51!

Winning bid $51!