MBMBaM 237: John Turturro Robot Watersports


Special guests, musical performances and at-length discussions about Transformers physiology? It's a slam dunk episode this week, and it's all waiting for you at booboonanny.com.

Suggested talking points: Dan Jo, Handshake Substitute, Booboonanny, Life in Bedrock, Supergators and Dick Eagles, Cat Barrier, Sexformers


Boo Boo nanny

I need a babysitter for my fat obnoxious redneck child. Your site has not helped me at all. Thanks. (For nothing.)

Garden Hose

How I love you, my sweet garden hose. Please sing songs to me and love me back, for you are my very favorite garden hose. More favorite than Kevin. He is a jerk. Love, Sinngygensong M.D. whee.