MBMBaM 244: Slimefoot


We're wrapping up the MaxFunDrive the only way we know how: By talking about Garfield, urinal footwear and sexual reactions to The Flash. If that doesn't deserve your hard-earned dollars, we don't know what will.

Suggested talking points: Super Rich, Garbage House, Cat Enema, Pizza Warlock, Nerdgasm, Japanese Courtesy Sandals, Glamping, Olderwear


Ol' Slimefoot

Coming from a Madison resident - this character MUST work at Epic Systems. Someone please confirm.

Just donated

Hey Brothers,

I just donated as part of MaxFunDrive!

Love all of your shows, especially MBMBAM & TAZ, and really can't wait to see you guys live sometime.

Come on up to Seattle one of these days, we'll pack the house.

Keep up the great work!

-Andrew D.

Lost In London


I've been dating my girlfriend for 3 years now, and recently she informed me that she is polyamorous. I'm not entirely keen on the concept of another man sharing intimate/sensual moments with her, however she's been more insistent that I allow her to give it a try over these past couple weeks. eventually I caved and allowed her to engage in another romantic relationship. She is yet to find another partner but the mere concept of someone else being with her makes me shiver. She has informed me on multiple occasions that she won't replace me or favoritize any partner over me, but I still have my concerns. She's my first love, and I'm hers, but I feel like I'm being betrayed. Brothers, what do I do? Or how can I explain to her that I can't do this? I don't want to control her and I don't want to disregard her emotions.

From Lost in London

you really don't need to be

you really don't need to be with someone who is looking for the opposite of what your looking for.

Dump her before you get your heart broken